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mixed waste heavy skip binOur focus is to give you the most affordable skip bin hire experience for residential and commercial use.

Our business specialises in the supply of a wide range of mini & marrel skip bins, trailer bins, and hook lift skip bins.

Here at Skip Bin Finder, we are highly committed to efficiently removing waste and helping the environment for future generations. The cost of dumping rubbish is increasing due to rising EPA levies and regulations the Australian government sets.

Finding cost-effective ways to remove rubbish is hard; that’s why we've researched for you. Our extensive bin supplier base works hard to provide you with the best daily price deals.

Our reliable bin suppliers like to cater to your waste needs, whether small or large.

Why Hire skip bins Using Our Service?

Our Skip Bin Hire process will walk you through the process step-by-step very quickly. This guarantees you the correct size, waste type, and time you would like for the skip bin.

You can get a quote on our website here 24/7 or call us on 1300 527 415. Please speak to one of our friendly staff, who will happily help you with any information or questions about hiring a skip bin.

We service the major capital cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Perth.

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Choosing Your Bin Size

Choosing an appropriate size skip bin for your waste disposal needs can be quite difficult! However, getting the size right will save you time and money. Our 4-step order process will help you choose your bin size more efficiently with our council bin-to-skip calculator (or our trailer-to-skip calculator).

Our skip bin sizing page has approximate cubic metres dimensions of our suppliers' skip bins to help visualise the bin you will receive.

To get the best value for money out of your skip hire, it’s best to spend that bit extra time to pack your bin neatly to ensure you fit the most in. Our sizes range from 2m3 mini skip bins to 30m3 hook lift bins. Size availability can change daily, especially on holidays or long weekends, so book at your earliest convenience to get the right bin price.

Waste Types We Cater For

Skip bins are fast becoming the preferred method of removing waste. With rising dumping costs, you will find it is cheaper to hire a skip bin than to spend time loading a trailer and taking the rubbish to the dump yourself. Did you know hiring a skip bin is divided into seven waste types? To make your waste removal needs as cost-effective as possible, you will need to select the correct category below. The different waste categories ensure the items in your skip bin can be recycled more effectively to reduce landfills.

  • General Waste

Suitable for light waste items, household items, electronic appliances, furniture, green waste and light building waste. These bins come with a weight limit, which you will be notified of when ordering. Going over the limit may incur overweight charges.

  • Green Waste

For grass clippings, small branches, pruning, woodchip (with no soil attached), green and garden waste only.

  • Mixed Heavy Waste

Suitable for everything in general waste and green waste skip bins with the addition of items such as concrete, soil and clay, tree trunks, and other heavy items, excluding synthetic turf.

  • Mixed Heavy Waste (no soil)

For everything in general waste, green waste and mixed heavy waste bins with the exclusion of soil/dirt.

  • Mixed Heavy Waste (weight limited)

This is a new waste type due to the request from our leading suppliers due to changes in how dumping costs are now calculated. Suitable for all waste types shown above. However, it comes with a weight limit. This type of waste wouldn’t be suitable if large amounts of concrete or soil were placed in the skip bin.

  • Concrete/bricks

This is for clean concrete, pavers, bricks, roof tiles, and rocks. No other items are allowed in this bin.

  • Soil/dirt Bins

Suitable for clean soil and dirt only. No other items are allowed in this bin type.

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We offer an extensive range of skips for all types of waste. Whatever waste you need to be taken care of, we've got the supplier and bin to help.

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We can help you choose the right skip. Start our simple 3-step process, and our finely tuned system will show you the options with helpful ideas.