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How to Fill Your Skip Bin Correctly When You Need to Dump Concrete?

If you’ve got a big clean-up task because you’ve just had to remove a concrete wall, it’s time you get a concrete skip bin to dispose of these bricks.

These bins have no limitations, which is a huge advantage over a general waste skip bin with weight limitations. What’s more, how can you ensure you’re filling it correctly? This is a step-by-step explanation of how to load your concrete in the right way properly.

#1. Choose the Right Concrete Skip Bin for Your Project

You’ll want to determine how much storage you’ll want before hiring a concrete skip bin. Concrete skip bins come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different applications, and prices are by cubic meterage. If your project permits you to gather all the concrete, place it in the bin and sort them by size and form. This is so you can figure out what goes where to make the most of the space.

If you have any questions about the soil or cement surrounding the concrete, please let us know if you want that included.

#2. Avoid Over-Filling Your Concrete Skip Bin

broken concrete

When filling a concrete skip bin, keep in mind that you can’t fill it any higher than the rim. This is part of the government’s health and safety legislation! Transporting any form of garbage container beyond its size restrictions is legally unlawful. Overloaded skip bins are dangerous, but most businesses (including ours) will avoid the risk of overwhelming fines.

#3. Pack the Concrete Skip Bin Tightly and Efficiently

compacted bricks & concrete

Filling your concrete skip bin is the next phase in the procedure, and the trick here is to load it so that you get the most out of your storage.
Begin with flat things like tiles that can be put face down, such as roof tiles, floor tiles, pebbles, or stones.

Lightweight pieces of concrete can be placed on top, and as you load it up, ensure the weight is distributed to prevent the chance of it tipping over.

#4. Avoid Air Pockets As Much As Possible

Try to make it as snug as possible to avoid gaps and air pockets when renting and utilizing a concrete skip bin. Consider it like a puzzle: you’re loading the skip, but in between the bulkier things, you’re fitting in tiny goods.

Final Words

When it comes to environmental stewardship, consider whether any of your “concrete junk” can be traded, sold or recycled before packing it. Specialists are committed to the stance on responsible trash management! So let us know what your clean-up job includes. Does it include recyclable plastic, glass, metal, or paper?

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