All You Need to Know About a Hooklift Skip Bin!

When it comes to removing waste material of any kind, you are always better off dealing with quality Skip Bin Service like Skip Bin Finder – “they know everything about waste“.

From small amounts of domestic waste and garden scrubs to demolition clearance and landfilling. Skip Bin Finder knows there are different bins to suit a specific requirement and that’s when our Hooklift Skip come into play.

large hook lift skip bin

(image courtesy of bincorp equipment)

What makes a Hooklift different?

While larger bulks of material are going to require a Hooklift Skip Bin. One of the main benefits of this type of bin is that the loading systems fitted to the trucks so they are transported on design to lift heavier and bulkier loads with ease.

How do these bins operate?

Hooklift bins do not use a chain and hydraulic hoisting method for loading. Hooklift skips use a simple hydraulic boom to lift one end of the bin before pushing it off or pulling it onto the truck. While the front end is supported and assisted, the rear of the bin moves easily on contact with the ground using steel rollers.

This system relies on sliding and rolling than lifting the weight of the whole bin! Hooklifts enable a far greater weight and load capacity.

Why Hire Hooklift Skip Bin?

These larger capacity bins are ideal for big projects where large amounts of material need to be transported. They suit waste materials that are “less compactable” such as bulk items from demolition or land clearance. They are ideal for industrial sites where costs can be controlled when moving larger amounts in bulk with one vehicle wins over making several trips using the standard bin sizes. The read door arrangement that is an integral design feature of the Hooklift Skip Bin also provides for easier loading via Bobcats and other ground working plants.

Which Hooklift Skip Size is needed?

Marrel bins range in capacity from 2m3 right through to 17m3, the smallest Hooklift Bin is 4m with the largest available (on a standard truck chassis) is 30m3. The smaller capacity Hooklift Skip Bins are ideal for projects where side loading is an advantage or material needs to be loaded via the rear door.

Staying safe

Its important Hooklift Bins are never loaded above their level and the load is secure and evenly distributed before transporting it away. Special and controlled waste can be transported in this way but as with any type of bin, it must be hired for that express purpose and not mixed with general waste.


Video of Truck with a Hook Lift Skip Bin

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