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With the increased costs of living, hiring a trailer and transporting your waste to the dump can be a timely and expensive exercise. Skip bins are the most cost-effective and convenient way to dispose of your excess waste—particularly if you have large amounts. Skip bin hire is not only an affordable way to deal with larger amounts of waste, but it is also an easy and straightforward process.

Whether you're a homeowner with a build-up of household rubbish or a business owner in need of regular, reliable support with your waste management - skip bins are your best option.

Suitable for Wide Range of Projects & Waste Types

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Having the correct size skip bin is essential to ensuring your investment is worth it. Skip bins come in many different sizes, so ordering the correct size is very important. A 3 cubic metre skip bin is the ideal size for many projects as it's neither particularly small nor large. It provides the perfect solution when there's too much waste to put in your general collection bin.

A 3 cubic metre skip bin is versatile and suited to a wide range of different waste types. It is spacious enough to manage as much as 3 full trailer loads of rubbish for do-it-yourself projects, home renovations, house moves, building or renovation jobs, and spring cleaning.

While the 2-metre skip bin is another option, it is just a little bit too small for many projects. A 3-metre skip bin just makes more sense, as the additional capacity makes a big difference.

Waste Capacity

When it comes to how much waste the 3 cubic metre skip bin can hold, it's around 12 wheelie bins worth of waste.

Envisioning it in this way can help people to work out if this size skip bin is the best choice for their needs.

Please note that they are not intended for liquid wastes at all.

Some skip bin companies have a weight limit on their bins. This is because the skip bin provider may need to pay a fee to remove the rubbish from the waste disposal depot. When ordering your skip bin, the company will inform you whether this is the case.

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Delivery & Pick Up Made Simple

When you hire a 3 cubic metre skip bin, delivery and pickup are included to make waste management as convenient as possible. If needed urgently, next-day service is also available.

When choosing the right spot for your skip bin, ensure no overhanging trees or power lines. These can be tricky for the delivery truck to manage. Skip bins cannot be put onto public property without an appropriate permit.

One of the most convenient advantages is that customers can choose flexible hire periods.

Typically (depending on the company), a 5-7 day hire period is standard, with no extra fee for a longer or shorter period. All you need to do is communicate this when making arrangements for bin hire services, and you’ll experience little hassle with flexible hire periods, one of the most convenient aspects of hiring a 3 cubic metre skip bin.

Booking is simple, prices are affordable, and the convenience of using a skip bin is hard to beat!

Best Uses of Your 3 Cubic Metre Skip Bins

A build-up of waste can be a dangerous issue, blocking entrances and exits, attracting rodents and other pests and potentially affecting the air quality inside the home.

Disposing of rubbish as soon as possible helps maintain a safe environment around the home. With a 3 metre skip bin, you can store it on your property safely, making disposal of your waste very quick and convenient.

When using these skip bins for house refurbishments and renovations, you can use your 3 cubic metre skip bin to discard several different sorts of rubbish in one bin. Apart from asbestos, paint and chemicals, other waste from renovations is fine.

Home Renovations

Home renovations can be extremely disruptive to the whole family, particularly if you are living there while the works are being completed. The mess, the noise, the cost, and the general upheaval all take a toll.

Ensuring that rubbish generated by the renovations is dealt with quickly is a great way to ensure the project runs smoothly and the environment is kept clean and safe.

Having a skip bin company partner with you to ensure your waste removal runs smoothly can help decrease overall stress.

Garden Clean-Ups

For a tidy, well-kept garden, regular maintenance is often required. Hiring out a 3 cubic metre green waste skip bin is the ideal addition to your property and garden clean-up.

A 3 cubic metre skip bin is the perfect size for most garden/property clean-ups, you can expect it to easily accommodate light foliage, weeds, twigs and branches and grass cuttings as well as flower trimmings and stumps with very little effort on your part. When you are finished with your project, just have the skip bin company come and take your green waste away.


Another positive aspect of using a 3 cubic metre skip bin for your green waste is that everything you put in the skip bin will be removed and taken to be recycled into compost - so in hiring a skip bin, you're also having a positive impact on the environment. Green waste is better in a skip bin

Keeping green waste out of landfill is also very important as biological waste creates high levels of methane which contributes to global warming. Skip bin companies often offer next day delivery of the skip bins you order, making those big gardens tasks less overwhelming.

Moving Home

If you've ever moved house, you already know how stressful it can be. The process is often rushed and difficult. There's so much to think about when moving! Not only do you have to deal with packing and shipping your things, but there is also often a lot of sorting, organizing, and cleaning that comes with it.

During the process of clearing out your home, you undoubtedly discover a lot of unwanted items that have been collected over time. These include furniture you no longer need, toys, books, clothing, rugs, artwork, and broken items.

Rather than making multiple dump runs, a 3 cubic metre skip bin is a great way to save time and energy.

Construction Waste

A 3 cubic metre skip bin is an effective and eco-friendly solution for safely disposing of construction debris such as concrete, bricks, soil, tiles, wood, plastic, and metals. Once collected, most of this debris is recycled. Skip bins are not only convenient but also very eco-friendly.

Controlling construction debris as generated is a much safer management method than piling it up until you have time to visit the dump.

A 3 cubic metre skip bin safely contains the waste until the skip company removes it.

General Waste

A 3 cubic metre skip bin is also suitable for most household waste, including paper, cardboard, bedding, bathroom accessories, and small pieces of furniture like office chairs.

It’s essential to make sure that certain prohibited materials are not included in these bins - no asbestos, food waste, wet paint cans or flammable substances should go into a skip bin.

The 3 cubic metre skip bins are ideal for disposing of general waste items, furniture and appliances. Appropriate materials, including typical household rubbish, demolition rubble, and garden debris, can go into this type of skip bin.

Booking 3 Cubic Metre Skip Bins Online

Prices begin at only $260 for a general light waste 3 cubic metre skip bin. You will find the skip bin well worth the cost. Once you factor in time, fuel, and the dumping fee alone is a considerable cost and saves you time. Choosing the waste type is easy - consider what sort of rubbish you're going to be dealing with.

Getting a 3 cubic metre skip bin is easy. Our 3-step booking system ensures you can choose your skip and your delivery date and see the price before paying. Then there are only three steps:

  • Enter your postcode
  • Choose your waste type and skip the size
  • Select your delivery date

It's that simple! Once you have chosen your delivery date, you will be shown the cost of the skip bin hire, which you can pay via our secure online payment portal.

As always, any questions should be directed to our friendly team, who are always pleased to assist.

We’ll provide everything you need to enjoy stress-free waste disposal, from delivery and pickup services to flexible hire periods.

Understanding the size of the skip bin you are ordering is important to ensure you get the correct size for your needs. The measurements are typically 1.8 meters in width, 1.2 metres high and around 1.5 metres deep, this enables the user to assess if it is suitable for their property, if the larger items they need to dispose of will fit, as well as convenient delivery and pickup.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

Considering the ecological repercussions of using a 3 cubic metre skip is of utmost importance.

Appropriate rubbish disposal helps keep our environment clean and ecologically sound and decreases the amount sent to landfills.

Because much of what we collect in skip bins is recycled, by using a skip bin, you're actively helping to keep waste out of landfills and to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Skip bin companies usually strive to promote sustainability and reduce the amount of waste going into landfills through their recycling initiatives, and we're no different.

We ensure that much of the garbage collected in bins is reused or repurposed rather than sent to landfills for disposal.

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Recycling efforts have multiple advantages, such as reducing landfill volume, preserving natural resources like water and timber, curbing contamination from hazardous materials, plus cutting down energy costs associated with new production processes.

By selecting a skip bin hire company committed to doing its part towards creating an environmentally friendly world, you are contributing positively to the sustainability of our planet.

The times in life when you need assistance with rubbish seem to also be the most stressful periods. House moves and building work, for example, are known to be very tiring and difficult, so making things easier on yourself by booking a skip bin just makes sense.

Now, you can rest assured that your skip bin choice will be best for you and the environment. 

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The Ultimate Project Companion

For all sorts of situations, the 3 cubic metre skip bin provides an incredibly convenient solution. Not only are they versatile enough for a range of different projects, but they are also eco-friendly too.

Various types of rubbish can be safely disposed of in these practical skips, from light household waste up to heavy materials such as soil and bricks, rubble, green waste and more.

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