Skip Bin Hire Lethbridge Park

At just 50km from Sydney’s bustling CBD, skip bin hire Lethbridge Park is in demand. This pleasant suburb is always a good bet for people who want to live near to the action of the big city but also reap the benefits of a smaller suburb.

Here at Skip Bin Finder, we’re experts in the waste management industry. We supply skip bin hire in Lethbridge Park to a wide variety of customers.

Our customers include homeowners and business owners, as well as larger organisations. We offer a huge choice of skip bins for hire in Lethbridge Park, and there’s something to suit everyone’s differing needs.

Skip Bin Finder

Our goal is to supply skip bin hire in Lethbridge Park at reasonable prices and with the fastest delivery out there.

Skip Bin Finder comprises industry experts with a wealth of knowledge in managing waste.

When you hire a skip bin with us, you can rest assured we’re doing all we can to improve Australia’s sustainability and protect our beautiful environment.

Booking skip bin hire in Lethbridge Park

Booking is made easy with our super-simple online booking form. You can enter your postcode, choose your size and waste type and then all you need to do is select your delivery date.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you will be shown the price immediately. You never have to wait for a phone call or email anyone.

If you’re happy with the price, you can book. If you’re not ready to book, just return and repeat the process when you are.

Read on to learn more about skip bin hire Lethbridge Park, waste types, and how to choose the right size skip bin for your needs.

Which size skip bin do I need?

One of the best ways to work out which size skip bin you need is to look at our sizes.

  • 2m3 Mini Skips
  • 3m3 Mini Skip Bins
  • 4m3 Small Skip Bins
  • 6m3 Large Skip Bins
  • 7m3 Large Skips
  • 8m3 Extra Large Skip Bins
  • 9m3 Extra Large Skips

Next, consider the following facts.

Each size will hold a certain amount of waste. If it helps, think in terms of wheelie bins and how much they hold.

  • A 2m3 skip bin will hold up to 8 wheelie bins worth of waste
  • A 3m3 skip bin will hold up to 12
  • A 4m3 skip bin will hold up to 16
  • A 6m3 skip bin will hold up to 24
  • A 7m3 skip bin will hold up to 28
  • A 8m3 skip bin will hold up to 32
  • A 9m3 skip bin will hold up to 36
  • A 11m3 skip bin will hold up to 44
  • A 15m3 skip bin will hold up to 60
  • A 30m3 skip bin will hold up to 120

Obviously, the size you choose must be right for your project. A big construction job will usually require a larger skip bin. A small household clean-up might only necessitate a small skip bin.

Different waste types

We offer different skips for different waste types. By separating waste, we’re able to recycle much more efficiently. For example, if we receive a skip bin full of soil or dirt and it doesn’t have anything else in it to contaminate it, then we can recycle that soil into new building projects.

Similarly, a full skip bin of green waste can be used to make compost. Skip bins are sorted, and anything recyclable is, indeed, recycled.

We work hard to ensure that waste management is as sustainable as possible.

Skip bins are good for the environment

But don’t worry; there’s an option for those who have all kinds of junk to dispose of, which would be the general waste skip bin.

This is popular with households clearing out or moving house. The types of skip bin we offer are as follows.

  • General Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Concrete/brick
  • Soil/dirt
  • Mixed waste

If you’re ready to book a skip bin at Lethbridge Park, why not visit our waste types page and read up on what they are and what can and can’t go into each one?

Skip bin hire Lethbridge Park offers convenience and speed

No matter what you’ve got going on, if you’re busy, making dump runs will be the last thing on your to-do list.

Skip bin hire Lethbridge Park offers a convenient and speedy way to dispose of waste without delay. We even offer next-day delivery.

Those times when a skip bin is needed are also the busiest, most costly, and most stressful times. For example, moving house, renovating or building a new home – why make your life harder with dump runs? Just book a skip bin and wait for the waste to be removed!

Don’t let waste build up – book a skip bin

A skip bin just takes the pressure off. You have the convenience of a big container outside your door and the luxury of someone coming out to remove it.

So, whether you’re a busy household with excess waste, a business creating a lot of regular waste, or even if you’re arranging a special public event, we can help.

Got questions? Get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

Is there anything I shouldn’t put in a skip?

We’re often asked about this, and the short answer is yes – there are some things that cannot go in a skip.

These things include asbestos, oil, paint, and batteries. In NSW, carpets cannot be placed in skip bins either.

You can find battery disposal locations in Sydney here.

Managing your skip bin – some tips

Skips are convenient and simple to use. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of yours.

  • Break up larger items so they may be laid flat at the base of the skip
  • Pack everything inside with care so that you fit more in, don’t create air pockets
  • Pin lightweight waste down with heavier things
  • Avoid placing your skip beneath trees or power lines
  • Do not park your skip near entrances or exits
Red skip bin

A skip bin full of green waste

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Lethbridge Park?

Probably not – unless you plan to place it on public land such as the road or verge.