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brick waste in skip binOne of the biggest aspects of construction is often the cleanup once the job is done. Our range of options at Skip Bin Finder can help you do the job properly with the best skip bin. Our bins can cater to many building materials, especially from older properties. These materials must be handled properly to ensure personal, environmental and public safety.

Whatever size job you’re undertaking, from major demolition to small renovation, you’ll be surprised at the amount of rubble and waste your project will produce. With the right skip bin – managing your waste becomes much easier and more efficient.

At Skip Bin Finder, we provide two types of bins to dispose of concrete, bricks and other heavy building materials. We can help you choose the best bin for your project from our range of concrete/brick bins or mixed heavy waste bins.

To understand which size skip bin you'll need for clearing up your old bricks and concrete, view our size chart here.

Please consider the following when choosing a skip bin:

Clean Fill vs. Hard Fill

The terms ‘clean fill’ and ‘hard fill’ are used within the building trade to define what can be done with the material and to separate the materials from general waste. Hardfill usually refers to concrete, bricks, ceramic, tiles, rock or stone, which can be ground down and reused in future building projects. Clean fill means that the hard material is uncontaminated by other types of waste and can be processed to its full potential.

If the hard fill is not clean when ground down - plastics and other materials may contaminate the final product. That’s why using the correct receptacle, such as our concrete/brick bins, is integral for your waste.

If you need bricks removed from your property and live close to one of these capital cities below, please click through the page and get our latest skip bin information for the relevant city.

Heavy Waste

We offer the option to dispose of concrete and building materials along with other types of waste in one bin through our heavy waste option. If there are no hazardous materials or food products in the bin, the mixed heavy waste bin offers great flexibility to dispose of heavy items while recycling wherever possible.

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