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When hiring a skip bin, it is important to use it properly and efficiently. Our range of options at Skip Bin Finder caters for all domestic and small business waste, so our clients can discard a huge range of waste materials. General waste is the most common waste we dispose of, but like all waste - it has different categories.

Read on to discover what constitutes general waste and what will require a different disposal method:

What is Light Waste?

Light domestic waste refers to several things that aren’t hazardous to health and can be disposed of safely in a tip or recycled.

These include items like:

  • general household waste
  • old clothes
  • cardboards
  • large furniture items

Items such as asbestos are dangerous, and when mixed with general waste – the fibres can be disturbed and constitute a dangerous health hazard. All items in the general waste bin must be safe for compacting and not cause unstable materials to break up and disperse. Additionally, light construction waste must not contain concrete in landfills or hard fill forms or have any metal. If such materials are included in the bin – the bin will now be a Mixed Heavy Waste Bin and incur additions fees and charges.

A Focus on Recycling

One of the main reasons that we separate general waste from other waste types is to recycle as much as possible. General waste is too heavily processed to produce any worthwhile materials and is too costly to be sustainable as a recycled material.

Food waste and soil are ideal candidates for recycling and, with technological advances, can be very useful to society as a recycled material.

What is Non-Hazardous Waste?

General waste should not include degradable substances such as concrete, food and soil, as these items can cause issues when breaking down alongside solid waste. Additionally, we can’t transport degradable substances due to the trouble caused by the gases, making waste disposal areas unstable, food attracting animals or spreading disease.

Soil waste should be kept only for soil bins, as it’s a natural form of biological waste and will present issues similar to food waste or cause infection through naturally occurring tetanus.

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