What Is a Skip Bin Container?

This article will you understand exactly what skip bin containers are and where they can be typically found?

As we know today skip bins are used to remove unwanted rubbish from home properties , factories and building sites  alike.

After someone has ordered a skip bin they are then delivered to a private property location or to a council property location – “a street or main road”.

According to Wikipedia, the word “skip” came from the word skep, which is used to refer to a basket.

What does a skip bin look like in terms of type, shape and size? Here is an example below!

3 different skip bin types

As we can see from the above image the small mini skips look like a square container, the middle bin which is a marrel skip bin is typically 3.3 meters in length and 1 meter high. The hooklift skips which are the largest skip bin can range from 15m to 30 cubic meters. The hooklift bin requires a ram arm to lift the bin onto the back of a truck.

The size of a skip bin ranges from 2 cubic meters to 30 cubic meters, to understand our size chart before ordering, take a look size guide to know exactly the measurements you need to be aware of before giving us a call.

The Manufacturing Process

Where can they be found?

Skip bins can be found on private home property or council land, which refers to on-street or a carpark type of situation. Usually when a skip bin is placed on council land there is no room to place it on private property. You will need to consult the council governing that area to apply for a permit. Permits are a fee to the council for placing a bin on their property for a short amount of time. We allow a 4 day hire time and then its $15 a day extra outside of that time.

Skip bins can also be found on building worksites where a new house is being created or a large renovation is taking place. Usually a building company might get access to account prices because they are a regular customer.

What are its most common uses?

Apart from being used for house renovations, skip bins can be used to remove bricks & gravel. Sometimes when people are revamping their home driveway there is old concrete or gravel that needs to be thrown away.

If there is a mix of gravel and dirt, it will go into the category of a “mixed heavy waste” because dirt/soil is going into the bin as well.

Lawn upgrades and tree shrubs can go into a skip bin after a backyard makeover where old trees are removed and new turf is put down to make a property look like new.

If you upgrading a footpath or need to remove a concrete wall, then a skip bin will certainly have its place because they are a common item that can go into a skip bin.

What items can go into in?

The items that can can go into a skip bin are timber logs, white goods – like refrigerators, heavy bricks, soil, grass and tree stumps. Some items that do incur an extra cost that we cater for are mattresses, gas bottles and tyres.  Some of the prohibited items that cannot go into a skip bin are Asbestos, Hazardous liquids, human or animal waste.

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