Recycling in Perth – How Skip Bin Hire is Helping the Environment

Perth skyscrapers and shoreline

Perth is a beautiful city – recycling is a major consideration for the future.

Skip Bin Hire in Perth and Recycling – Improving Perth’s Carbon Footprint

Skip bin hire in Perth is a great way for residents to contribute to the changes implemented across Western Australia.

Recycling is a big issue for Perth. The government has acknowledged that many changes need to be made in how businesses, organisations and residents manage their waste.

Plastic cup in water

Single-use plastics are now banned in Western Australia

In 2021, the State Government announced Western Australia’s Plan for Plastics. The plan was created as a response to community feedback and provided a route towards a plastic-free and more sustainable Western Australia.

The plan includes changes that mean certain plastic items are no longer allowed within Western Australia. Other changes have been made to ensure these changes are made as quickly and easily as possible.

Plan for plastics

The plan promotes taking actions which –

  • prioritise avoiding single-use plastics
  • replace single-use items with reusable alternatives wherever possible
  • promote non-plastic single-use alternatives that can be recovered, recycled or composted if it is not possible to use reusable items
  • minimise litter or contamination of waste treatment facilities by not using single-use plastic

The plan was organised into two stages.

Stage 1 is now complete and includes the banning of –

  • plastic plates
  • unlidded plastic bowls
  • plastic cutlery
  • plastic drink stirrers
  • plastic drinking straws
  • unlidded plastic cups for cold beverages
  • thick plastic shopping bags
  • expanded polystyrene (EPS) takeaway food containers
  • helium balloon releases
  • unlidded takeaway food containers

These items are no longer allowed within Western Australia, and the implementation of stage 2 is well underway.

Stage 2 includes the phasing out of –

  • loose and moulded expanded polystyrene packaging
  • degradable plastics (plastics designed to break up more rapidly into fragments under certain conditions)
  • produce bags
  • expanded polystyrene cups and food trays for raw meat and seafood
  • coffee cups and lids
  • lids for cups, trays, bowls, plates and takeaway food containers
  • trays for takeaway food not covered in the Stage 1 ban
  • cotton buds with plastic stem
  • microbeads
Balloons in sky

Balloon releases are banned in W.A.

These are important steps for the Western Australian Government, and it’s a fantastic move towards a more sustainable future.

Protecting our planet, our green spaces, waterways and wildlife will be much easier when there are no longer any microplastics to deal with. Equally, many of the items listed above are unnecessary, and many alternatives do not harm the environment.

Here at Skip Bin Finder, we are fully on board with the changes and support the new, more hopeful future they usher in.

How Skip Bin Hire in Perth Can Help the Environment

Did you know that skip bins are an eco-friendly choice? Skip bins offer a convenient method of disposing of your rubbish and a fast, clean way to ensure certain items are recycled.

Here at Skip Bin Finder, we offer many skip bins for different sorts of rubbish.

This is because when a skip bin is full of one kind of waste, it’s much easier for us to ensure that it is recycled.

For example –


These skip bins are only meant for green garden rubbish—things like branches, weeds, bark, etc. When you fill a skip bin with green waste, we remove it and take it to a recycling plant to turn it into compost.


These are only meant for soil and dirt. Soil and dirt have value in that they can be reused in building projects where there needs to be infill or in flattening land which has hollows or cracks.

We sort all waste and ensure that recyclable items are indeed recycled.


Avoiding landfill with skip bin hire – recycling in Perth

What is a landfill? A landfill site is a dedicated area meant to dispose of any type of rubbish. They are generally considered to be bad for the environment.

They are responsible for creating gases that damage the environment, and the waste can create a toxic liquid that leaks into surrounding land.

If we can avoid using landfill as much as possible, then we are actively avoiding damage to the waterways, air quality and soil.

Recycling in Perth is one way in which landfills can be avoided.

Keeping extra traffic off the road

You may have used the dump to dispose of your rubbish in the past. This usually means making more than one trip unless you have a very large vehicle.

The more we avoid extra car journeys, the better it is for the environment. When you book a skip bin in Perth, you are actively helping to keep traffic off the road.

Skip bins are large enough to remove huge amounts of waste in one journey.

Cars on ro

Avoiding unnecessary journeys is something we can all do to help the environment.

What you can do to make changes

We all want to keep Australia beautiful. Making small changes in lifestyle or the things we use can have a huge effect on the environment if we all participate.

Here are some examples of small changes which we can all make in our efforts to increase recycling in Perth.

Reduce, reuse and recycle, rethink

This refers to a variety of positive actions we can all take.

To REDUCE means minimising the amount of waste which we create. This simply means taking more care – for example, refilling your own water bottle daily rather than purchasing a new plastic bottle each time.

Cans with plants

Recycling items at home can be your first step towards creating a better, sustainable future in Perth.

To REUSE refers to getting as much use out of something as possible. For example – a yogurt pot can be used as a planter for seedlings or as a container for small items.

To RECYCLE means to put something to a new use rather than throwing it away.

To rethink means considering our actions and how they might affect the environment.

We can all make small changes daily – start composting your food waste, consider sharing rides with a neighbour or friend, buy locally produced food, and plant wildflowers native to your area.

The list of things we can do is endless – talking about them is the first step.

Book your skip bin today in Perth if you require help with your waste.