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6 Skip Bin Myths Busted

Some customers may be unaware of the facts surrounding the skip bin industry and can easily assume they know everything before booking. This post helps clarify any myths that people might believe and establish the right information.

After serving customers over the past five years, we know the correct information before a skip bin container is delivered.

Customers and people interested in using a skip bin must be informed of the right information right from the start.

MYTH #1 – Skip bins can’t be used on a shared property

We can provide skip bins for those located on mutual properties. Australia has many shared areas, such as apartments, units, shared office space, and shops.

The only limiting factor impacting the skip bin is where it’s placed. It must not restrict someone’s driveway and may require the agreement of the shared land dweller.

shared property driveway

MYTH #2 – You can put anything in your skip bin

You can place only five waste types into a skip bin.

They are:

  • General Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Concrete/Brick Waste
  • Soil/Dirt
  • Mixed Waste

Particular types of materials can and can’t go into a skip. Please refer to our waste types page to get detailed information on exactly what each category contains.

MYTH #3 – Hiring a skip bin is expensive

One of the key myths around skip bin hire in Australia is that it is costly and not affordable. This is NOT true. While some skip bin hire companies can set expensive hire prices, Skip Bin Finder tries to provide reasonable prices our customers can appreciate.

When hiring from us, you’ll find our prices are more accommodating than our competitors. We understand the value of money and firmly believe skip bins should be affordable. That’s why we ensure our prices reflect this!

MYTH #4 – The content in your bin only goes to landfills

This means directing as much as we can away from landfills!

Our recycling yard is where all bins go at the end of the hire and are sorted by hand. Here, we salvage anything we can for recycling to give a second life.

landfill waste

MYTH #5 – Skip bins are difficult to fill

Not True! A lot of people think that skip bins are hard to fill. If you lift heavy waste material over the side walls, it may be difficult. Larger bins either have a ramp or a door that is easily accessible to get waste into it.

MYTH #6 – Skip bins can be easily placed under carports!


Yes and No!  When delivering a marrel skip bin, the answer is a straight-up no. This is because of how the bin is lifted on the back of the truck. Damage to the carport is a high probability. Using a mobile trailer bin is your best chance of getting a skip bin under a carport.


As you can read from above, these myths have now been clarified. Answers to these common assumptions are now established.