Skip Bin Hire Dharruk

Skip bin hire Dharruk is always in demand because this popular and growing suburb in Western Sydney is consistently seeing improvements.

There’s a lot of housing in the area for a wide variety of people and as much of it was built between 1950 and the 1970s, upgrades are common.

Skip Bin Finder

Skip Bin Finder is a dedicated provider of skip bin hire in Dharruk, supporting businesses and homeowners with the disposal of their waste.

Council collections just aren’t always enough and when there’s a big job on such as a renovation, build or move, additional waste removal in Dharruk is needed.

No matter how much or how little extra you need to remove, we can help with our wide range of skip bins for hire.

Booking a skip bin in Dharruk

We have made the booking process for skip hire in Dharruk simple and easy to use. We want our customers to get the right skip bin and at the right price.

Just follow the instructions below to book a skip bin – you can even book for next day delivery.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you can see how much your skip bin will cost and pay via our secure online portal.

Skip bin sizes and types for hire in Dharruk – what to order

Skip Bin Finder Dharruk offers all sorts of skip bins – mini skips and extra large, skips for all kinds of waste and all kinds of projects.

Here are our most popular skip bins.

  • 2m3 Mini Skips
  • 3m3 Mini Skip Bins
  • 4m3 Small Skip Bins
  • 6m3 Large Skip Bins
  • 7m3 Large Skips
  • 8m3 Extra Large Skip Bins
  • 9m3 Extra Large Skips

With so many choices, it’s easy for anyone to use a skip bin in Dharruk. If you’re wondering how to work out which size to order, bear in mind the following.

Skip bins and recycling

A 2m2 skip bin holds the equivalent of 8 wheelie bins worth of rubbish.

A 3m3 skip bin holds the equivalent of 12 wheelie bins worth of rubbish.

How eco-friendly is skip bin hire?

Very! Many people don’t realise that skip bins represent an extremely eco-friendly method of waste management. That’s because we sort all skip bins and recycle anything that we can.

This is also why we supply different skip bins for different waste types. Doing this helps us recycle more and keep waste out of landfill.

Another point is that one skip bin truck collecting your large amount of waste is much more eco friendly than a car making multiple dump runs. Managing your rubbish in one go, is more sustainable and better for the environment.

We always take care not to leave a mess behind when we collect full skip bins so that there is no loss of waste.

Below, we’ll discuss more about waste types.

Waste types for skip hire in Dharruk

Skip bin hire Dharruk is perfect for disposing of all types of waste with a few exceptions.

These include asbestos, oils, paints and batteries – we cannot accept these in our skip bins.

Here’s a list of the waste types each skip is designed to receive.

  • General Waste 
  • Green Waste 
  • Concrete/brick 
  • Soil/dirt
  • Mixed waste

Many householders choose to book a general waste skip bin. These are great if you’re having a clear out or moving house. You can put all sorts of rubbish in them –

  • Household waste
    Clothes, paper, cardboard, bedding, towels, kitchenware, bathroom accessories, duvets, cushions
  • Light commercial waste
    Office furniture such as desks, desk tidies, chairs, stationery.
  • Furniture and Appliances
    Cupboards, lounges, washing machines, cots, beds, fridges, chairs, sofas
  • Light building construction waste
    Wood, flooring, wallpaper
  • Light green waste
    Shrubs, grass, foliage, leaves, twigs

They’re a very flexible skip bin. Other types of skip bin are more rigid  in what they can hold. For example, green waste skip bins are only for green waste such as –

  • Light green waste
  • Shrubs, foliage, grass clippings, leaves, twigs
  • Small branches, leaves and palms fronds
  • Woodchip and bark – there must be no soil attached to either
  • Tree trunks – The diameter must be smaller than 150mm and under 500mm long to meet the requirements
  • Untreated timber – please contact us to enquire how to dispose of treated timber

If you’re not sure which to choose, please visit our waste types page and read up on what they are and what can and can’t go into each skip bin type.

Skip bin hire Dharruk for all of your projects

Renovations, building projects, house moves and house clearances all create waste. Skip bin hire Dharruk offers a great way to contain and store rubbish in larger amounts than your council bins can take.

Once you’ve filled your skip bin up, then we will come and remove it.

Skip bins and recycling

This is a convenient, affordable method of managing larger amounts of waste which would otherwise pile up and create a hazard.

Got questions? Get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

Using your skip bin – some tips

Using a skip bin is easy but there are a few things you should know which will help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Choose a spot away from power lines or overhanging trees for your skip
  • Avoid placing the skip near exits and entrances
  • Lay flat items into the skip first and build up bulkier items around and on top of them
  • If you have heavy waste, ask us if you can have a skip bin with a ramp, this means you can use a barrow to push waste up and into the skip

Do I need a permit for a skip bin in Dharruk?

No permit is needed if you place the skip bin on your own land. If you need to place it on public land, then you will need a permit.